[EVENT] HSC Fight Club! 2020-07-18 01:00

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Post 2020.07.15 03:55

[EVENT] HSC Fight Club! 2020-07-18 01:00


The HSC Fight Club is Back!

Date: Saturday, July 18th, 01:00 EVE time (Friday, July 17th 6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT)
Location: Amygnon
Format: T1 Frigates, 1v1 ending with free-for-all fight at the end
Duration: 1 hour+
Ships: A variety of ships are on contract! I also have few free ships if you do not have one.
Fleet: Look for 'HSC Fight Club'

If you are new to EVE or to Fight Club - PLEASE show up 15 minutes earlier for newbro speech and Q&A session.

Your ship losses are covered by SRP!
Please leave your feedback using this form!

If you are new to Fight Club, read through this post: https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtop ... 7&t=115419
Make sure you have HSC shared bookmarks folder connected and online.
Make sure you can see friendly ships and drones on your overview.

K'Anpo Rimpoche



Post 2020.07.19 09:45

Re: [EVENT] HSC Fight Club! 2020-07-18 01:00

I was a combatant in this HSC FC but, in an effort to try and better understand some of the outcomes, I thought I'd try write an AAR and take a look at the ships and tactics we used. Here y'go. Noob pvp-student's perspective on our battles ... augmented by lots of look-ups and terminology checks :-)


The 18 July 2020 Hisec Campus Fight Club event commenced at approximately 01:00 with a standard procedural briefing from KPYTOE KOPOBO. A few late-comers trickled in and fighting commenced some 10 – 15 minutes later.

Attendance was up somewhat from the recent previous weeks, with XX characters competing. This lead to fights being held concurrently at both the ‘bookmarks’ and the ‘cans’ locations of the arena.

Fight 1. Jehoshaphat Ambraelle, incursus v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Jehoshaphat Ambraelle suffered a computer problem, called a halt and left the arena.

Fight 2. London 1941, Tristan v. Villon Marquette, atron.
The fight ended in a draw, with neither combatant losing their ship.

Fight 3. Molly Anneto, kestrel v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Molly left the arena and K’Anpo had burned-out pretty much everything.
K’Anpo dropped tackle, allowing Molly to leave, when his scram burned out. Turning overheating off is as important as turning it on.

Fight 4. Jehoshaphat Ambraelle, incursus v. Villon Marquette, atron.
Victor - Jehoshaphat Ambraelle. At 01:26 Villon Marquette lost his dual shield-armor tanked, railgun, atron to a hail of anti-matter particles.
The atron was rail fit, which can work in a scram kiting setup using the ship’s falloff bonuses. However, the fit did not have a web or afterburner to complement the scram, for maintain range control over a MWD-fit opponent. Instead it used an SSE and MWD / Scram midslot setup.
The AB / Scram fit incursus was easily able to control the range and effectively apply the three small blasters to their task. The atron’s extra shield tank was of little relevance with a blaster incursus able to dominate the range control side of the fight.

Fight 5. London 1941, tristan v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Victor - K'Anpo Rimpoche. At 01:28 London 1941 lost his autocannon / nosferatu fitted Tristan to an onslaught of inferno rockets and warrior drones.
The breacher dominated this fight by controlling the range. Both ships used scrams and webs, but the breacher was using an afterburner and a second web.
At one point, near the end of the fight, though, the breacher lost tackle. The Tristan could have escaped but preferred to hold the field and continue the fight.

Fight 6. Molly Anneto, tristan v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Victor - K'Anpo Rimpoche. At 01:33 Molly lost her armor tanked scram-kiter Tristan to incoming inferno rockets and warrior drones.
This was a very close fight. At the time of Molly’s demise the attacking breacher was in the last 10% of its hull. The fight was fought mostly within the breacher’s 6-8km ‘optimal’, which was outside the tristan’s range for adding significant blaster damage to the drones. The breacher could have applied more effective damage by swapping from inferno to scourge rockets, the Tristan having (predictably to our FC) plugged their explosive armor weakness.

Fight 7. Apo Bong, tristan v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Victor - Apo Bong. At 01:39 K’Anpo’s dual armor / hull tanked rocket breacher melted under pressure of triple neutralizers and drones.
This was another very close fight with the breacher failing to time a rep cycle at the end, and paying for that mis-timing. (That’s what K’Anpo is claiming anyway).
This fight revealed K’Anpo’s fit and comment was offered that it was a strange or unusual fit – with active armor and buffer hull tanking. That configuration is actually one of the standard breacher options discussed in the 2020 Novice Frigate yearbook (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JSbe8d ... dRHQy/view) … K’Anpo’s bible.

Fight 8. London 1941, Tristan v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Victor - K'Anpo Rimpoche. At 01:45, in a remake of fight 5, London 1941 lost his tristan.
The breacher was even more aggressive in range control this time. The combatants landed 10km apart, and the breacher quickly moved into 6 – 8km and stayed there the entire fight. There was no loss of tackle this fight.

Fight 9. Dain Tarkus, executioner v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Victor - K'Anpo Rimpoche. At 01:51 Dain lost his beam laser executioner to the range control, rockets, and warriors of the breacher.
Combatants landed atop one another and, despite having the faster ship, Dain was unable to pull to his preferred range … the breacher’s second web saw to that. The executioner never got a chance to utilise its speed advantage, and it’s relative lack of tank lead to a fairly short-order demise.
The breacher did not attempt to orbit the executioner, which might have served to reduce further the incoming damage.

Fight 10. Molly Anneto, executioner v. Bosdos Tristan.
Victor – Bosdos. At 01:59 Molly’s beam executioner exploded under duress of the tristan’s neut pressure and hornet drones.
Molly’s executioner has a scram-kite type of fit, designed to fight in the 7 – 10km range envelope. A neuting Tristan needs to be within 6.75km for the neuts to be effective, preferable within 4.5km. If the executioner gets caught within neut range it is doomed.
The executioner’s main advantage is speed, tristans are slow, so to have any chance here Molly needed to use that speed immediately to get some distance and then carefully control range to the outer edge of her envelope. No easy task that.

Fight 11. London 1941, incursus v. Apo Bong, Tristan.
Draw - Apo Bong warped out.

Fight 12
. Dain Tarkus, merlin v. Bosdos, tristan.
Draw - Dain Tarkus warped out.

Fight 13. Tyndareus Aurelius, slasher v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Victor - K'Anpo Rimpoche. At 02:05 Tyndaeus’s artillery slasher succumbed to inferno rockets and warrior drones.
Combatants landed together and from there the slasher was unable to pull to range and control the breacher. Once the scram and two webs were applied the slasher was an easy kill for the breacher.
Learning points. When you’re in a range fighting ship and see yourself in warp to the same spot as your opponent you can: pre-overheat your propulsion module (shift-click); burn away from your opponent immediately upon landing, activating your AB / MWD at the same time. Your hope here is to have that one overheated burn cycle, and momentum, will allow you to get some range on your opponent. A breacher is not slow, like a Tristan, but a slasher is the fastest of the basic T1 frigates.
The breacher could have improved this fight by orbiting. At risk of being slingshot the artillery damage would have been reduced.

Fight 14. Dain Tarkus, executioner v. Bella Bloodmoon, tristan.
Victor - Bella Bloodmoon. At 02:06 Dain’s executioner succumbed to the neuts and drones of Bella’s tristan.

Fight 15. London 1941, incursus v. Apo Bong, tristan.
Victor - Apo Bong. At 02:10 London’s incursus fell to the tristan’s neuts and drones.

Fight 16. Hachiroku77, tristan v. Dain Tarkus, merlin.
Victor - Dain Tarkus. At 02:10 the brawler fit tristan fell to the bonused blasters of the brawler merlin.
Given that both combatants wanted a close-range brawling fight this was a simple DPS v. tank race. The merlin won that race.

Fight 17. Bella Bloodmoon, tristan v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, breacher.
Victor - Bella Bloodmoon. At 02:15 K’Anpo’s breacher fell to the neuts / drones of the tristan.
K’Anpo was a dead duck in this fight. The Tristan got to neut’ range of 6-7km and in the end, the breacher was not even able to run an armor repper cycle.
The only defence the breacher had would have been to manage the fight at a slightly greater range, right on the edge of its 8.25km scram. Overheated neuts do not get a range benefit, so meticulous range control by the breacher may have reversed this outcome … or at least managed a closer fight (see fight 7).

Fight 18. Apo Bong, tristan v. Jehoshaphat Ambraelle, incursus.
Victor – Apo Bong. Jehoshaphat’s brawler incursus was chewed up by the tristan’s neuts and warriors, and spat out at 02:19.
This is probably a fight where the incursus should have ‘discovered’ a computer malfunction and warped to ‘101’ for repairs, rather than warp onto the arena against a (now) know neuting tristan. He bravely warped to his doom.

Fight 19. London 1941, tristan v. K'Anpo Rimpoche, kestrel.
Victor - K'Anpo Rimpoche. At 02:29 London’s brawler tristan fell to K’Anpo’s kestrel.
With all the neuting tristans in the arena K’Anpo swapped to a range bonused rocket ship, hoping to fare a little better against the neuters. It turned out that this tristan was an autocannon fit brawler, so the kestrel as easily able to control he range and despatch London.

Fight 20: FFA.

The concluding free-for-all saw nine ships warp onto the arena: 5 tristans; and one each slasher, punisher, incursus, and ‘easy come, easy go!’ atron.
The order of battle saw the demise of a tristan first (sheer probabilities, that is the most likely happening), followed by the slasher, the punisher, another two tristans, and then the incursus. The stalemate end saw K’Anpo in a fast and cheap atron keeping the remaining multi-boxing pair of tristans, Bella and Hachi, inside of warp-to range but outside of drone control range. K’Anpo had experimented, a little earlier, with letting the drones get close enough trying to kill them. That attempt instantly vaporised his shields and half his armour … along with any thoughts he had, until then, entertained on trying to somehow engage them. The pair had previously tried to warp to him, so he kept them at around 120km until a stand-off draw could be called.


At K’Anpo’s request KPYTOE KOPOBO assisted further with some after-fightclub tuition. Last week KPYTOE had eluded K’Anpo’s tackle and range domination attempts by making glancing’ almost fly-by, runs and relaying on momentum to again get out of tackle range. This time the effort was to help K’Anpo improve manual combat flying, and to recognise and counter various ‘escape’ manoeuvres by directly watching the opponent’s ship.
K’Anpo managed to maintain range control against the autocannon rifter but KPYTOE’s next ship, anincursus, just kept on slipping out of scram range.
Lessons. It’s hard. The little blue vector arrow is a great indicator of your opponent’s intentions, but it’s really hard to watch that and manage your own flying at the same time … and then there’s all your modules and weapons. Sheeesh!

London 1941



Post 2020.07.19 18:14

Re: [EVENT] HSC Fight Club! 2020-07-18 01:00

First rate AAR. Thanks to you both. Great narratives! Instructive.


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