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[EVENT] Tackle Tuesday: is it a bot, or is it not?


Tuesday 07/07/2020

If you roam nullsec, sooner or later you will see ships ratting undisturbed in backwater systems: some of those are bots, some of those are not.
Either way, we will tackle and hold point until the fleet arrives: will it fire back? For how long can you survive?

This is an event aimed at teaching how to tackle bigger ships and survive for as long as possible: will you get too close and get neuted out? Will you move too far and lose point, so they can escape? Will their drones get you, or will you hold fast? Let's find out!

This is an exercise for 1vs1 and group tackle practice, you will learn the basics of manual piloting, spiraling, keeping a steady range and doing scram passes in a group.

There will be ships on contract at location, so don't worry about that: if you can't afford one, I will set you up myself!
The fits are made for day one pilots, so don't worry about not having enough skillpoints!
The ships will be traded in station by me personally, as they are fit in a certain way to suit the excercise.
Come learn and experience the thrill of big game hunting!

19:00 Stacmon Stacmon V - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Fly Fun!
Yto Itinen