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[EVENT] Summer Camp Specia! Fight Club! 2020-06-18 21:00

PostPosted: 2020.06.18 05:38

Summer Camp Special -the Fight Club!

Yes this is correct. This week's Fight Club would be held in Summer camp. Ship contracts are up, thanks to our amazing Events Management, and waiting for brave pilots to brandish their weapons.

So, :

Date: Thursday, June 18th,21:00 EVE time (Thursday, June 18th 2:00 PM PDT / 5:00 PM EDT)
Location: G-0Q86 (Summer Camp)
Format: T1 Frigates, 1v1. Instead of usual free-for-all we would roam in the area, so don't expect not losing your ship.
Duration: 1 hour+
Ships: available on contract in G-0Q86
Fleet: Look for 'Summer Camp Fight Club'

This is nullsec, so CLEAN CLONES please.

If you are new to EVE or to Fight Club - PLEASE show up 15 minutes earlier for newbro speech and Q&A session.

Your ship losses are covered by SRP!
Please leave your feedback using this form!

If you are new to Fight Club, read through this post: ... 7&t=115419
Make sure you can see containers, friendly ships and drones on your overview.

I will be giving out one factional frigate hull to the winner, if we get enough participation. And I might go with something bigger if we get awesome participation. The rules are as usual:
+1 point for participating in a fight
+1 point for winning a fight
-0.5 point for fight ending in a draw

Re: [EVENT] Summer Camp Specia! Fight Club! 2020-06-18 21:00

PostPosted: 2020.06.18 17:23
Little bee told me that Lionfleet would most probably take more than two hours, so there is chance we're going to start this half an hour (or more) later, depending on when people are back. I'll keep you updated in Discord.

Re: [EVENT] Summer Camp Specia! Fight Club! 2020-06-18 21:00

PostPosted: 2020.06.18 21:57
by K'Anpo Rimpoche
Hmphh! I guess I will have to accept this as a challenge ... find that system and get there in time for Fight Club. So far HSFC has been the highlight of my eve-week, both of them, so I'm not gonna let KPYTOE moving it deter me. Time to 'hit the books', find that system, and work out how to get there. I have a little over 24 hours by the looks.
p.s. Searching google shows me that system is in an area called Curse. That cannot be a good sign :-)