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[EVENT] 2020-05-02 18:00h \\ LowSec Battle Royale

Organiser: Jim Halescott
Copy - pasta from the following Reddit Post:


Greetings all pilots!!!

Saturday, 2nd May, I will be hosting a PVP brawl, battle royale in Lowsec. Idea: Bring your own ship. ALMOST anything goes (see below for rules). We jump into Lowsec and begin the slaughter!!!

On Saturday 2nd May, 1800 EVE Time, we will meet at the Nourbal Gate in the Keberz System. At exactly 1815, we will all jump in as a group (I will have someone watching the gate in Keberz, so anyone else who is late and jumping in after 1815 will be disqualified, but still an active target). As soon as we're all in Nourbal, the engagement will begin, and the last one standing will win

The prize for winning will be 2x Large Skill Injectors. If any players wish to donate ISK or assets to this prize pot, please contact Jim Halescott in game, and I will follow up with you ^_^


NO WARPING OFF. Anyone who leaves grid will be disqualified. THIS INCLUDES PODS

NO JUMPING BACK. Anyone jumping back to Keberz will be disqualified. THIS INCLUDES PODS

NO CLOAKS. Anyone with a cloak will be disqualified, and the winner of the fight will be asked for his or her fit, to determine they have not broken rules

Advice: Only fly what you can afford to lose, and that includes you POD. Don't bring expensive implants you are scared to lose as we will be podding each other also

Please advertise this to your corp, alliance and all groups of players you know ^_^!!

May the odds be forever in your favour!!
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