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Guardian's Gala Fleets

PostPosted: 2020.02.13 14:26
by Cutecumber Roll
I'll be running multiple guardian's gala wormhole dives during this event.

Formups will all be in Amygnon and times will be posted on calendar
Doctrine will be a bit kitchen sink but we will want:

at least 1 cloaky scout
at least 2 augurors
some form of booster, either T1 BC or command dessie is fine (cheap mindlink pls as well)
at least 3 BC or BS dps ships. armour tanked and with close or mid range weapons

These sites have been out for all of a few hours so maybe this comp isnt enough or is super overkill but we will find out together and updates will be posted here as necessary.

Re: Guardian's Gala Fleets

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 01:40
by LaurenceCWinston
Stream of Suitonia going through some sites:

* Damage from rats from non-wormhole sites appear to be somewhat low. I think Suit's VNI reps approximately 400-500EHP without nanite and it was holding up fine by itself against the non-boss waves.
* Rats have neuts, scrams, webs and target painters.
* Some rats have 90% webs.
* Rats prioritize drones.

* Cynabal: 12km - Neut, Scram
* Exequror: 12km - Logi
* Talos: 16km
* Hyena: 16km - Paint, Web, Scram
* Catalyst: 4km - Scram
* Dramiel: 5km - Neut, Web, Scram
* Keres: 12km - Damp, Scram
* Celestis: 16km - Damp
* Vigilant: -
* Daredevil: 3km - Web(90%), Scram
* Talwar: - 18km
* Huginn: - Paint, Web, Scram
* Tornado:
* Nemesis: - Paint, Damp
* Machariel: - Neut, Scram - 50em/50exp
* Hound
* Vindicator: 4km, Web(90%), Scram

Rat distances are observed distance the rats appear to prefer to stay from player.

Damage: Omni

Everything from perspective of a solo player stream so behavior to gangs is unknown.
Will update as I watch.

Re: Guardian's Gala Fleets

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 16:12
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
Archemide + DJ took us into a WH VIP site last night, plus a regular flavor Null Gala site. We were ludicrously overpowered - from memory I think we had 7 or 8 feroxes, 4 ospreys, a booster (or did he join us for the pvp afterwards?? I forget), a webber, and a salvage cormorant. Admittedly there were several newbros in both roles, and the logi FC was inexperienced, but we were never in any danger from the rats.

Interestingly, I didn't see the rats focus targeting. They always spread damage, making it easy to local rep. And of course they went for the drones every time - logi did not even bother launching shield bots.

We did not have great luck with loot drops, so the payout was low for the effort involved. I thought it was fun, and it was good practice, like running a burner mission in a fleet.

Looking forward to running with you, maybe I'll be DD next time. Augorors and what, blaster Brutix? That'd be fun.

Re: Guardian's Gala Fleets

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 17:55
by Johnny Raygunn
Is my Vexor to low for this? If so is there a BLAP build that would work?

Re: Guardian's Gala Fleets

PostPosted: 2020.02.17 22:07
by LaurenceCWinston
Now that we've ran a few sites it looks like our original proposed fleet comp is in fact overkill. Personally I've solo'd the non-VIP sites comfortably with a Single Med Rep Brutix.

A fleet of ~5 BLAP Vexors and some logi should be adequate even for VIP sites although you would need to micromanage drones quite a bit... I would recommend a non-drone-boat for these sites.