[completed] Box tournament 15/02/2020 @20:00

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Vorkan Dosja



Post 2020.02.15 23:47

Re: [Event] Box tournament 15/02/2020 @20:00

I wanted to say thanks to Turlough Dominian for setting up this event. It was lots of fun, and I learned a few things from it.

I also wanted to thank Ares for FCing and leading us into glorious combat.
Feras Dawod deserves a big thanks for buying all the stuff for us.

Brief AAR
My participation was as ECM for Caldari. This event got me on drugs, I had never trained them before Friday, or really paid them any mind. I also learned that ECM got nerfed at some point and now can be targeted by the Jamee.

Caldari vs Amarr:
1) Even though I can jam 100km, the Griffin can only target 80km out even with perfect targeting skills.
2) If you're allowed to prep the battlefield, 10 billion bookmarks is needed. We had bookmarks, but they weren't enough since the Amarrian's seemed to have better ones.
3) Best defense against ECM is to simply range them.

Zkillboard for the first two fights

Free For All
I flew a PVP Solo Tristan for this I just happened to have laying around, and it was apparently meaner than I expected since I heard a few comments sent over comms. lol

1) I learned if you warp away from your drones there is a limit to how far they can follow you even if you're on grid (Guessing max drone range)
2) I learned that if you lose your drones, right clicking your capacitor will allow you to reconnect with your drones.
3) I learned that someone can delete your shared bookmarks, which was rude since mid-fight I suddenly couldn't get away from brawlers getting close, and that's what lost me the fight in the end. If it was someone actively fighting me, it was clever indirect PvP, but lame IMO. :cry:

Kills I was involved in:
Ares Dodekatheon
Falling Snow KumaMoto
Pink Kondur
My Death
Biwako Acami - Revenge from the grave!
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Turlough Dominian


Retired Director
Retired Director

Post 2020.02.15 23:52

Re: [completed] Box tournament 15/02/2020 @20:00

That is a really nice wright up thank you for sharing with us your feedback

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Locke Gogiko



Post 2020.02.16 09:21

Re: [completed] Box tournament 15/02/2020 @20:00

Esteemed Capsuleers

Vorkan Dosja wrote:I wanted to say thanks to Turlough Dominian for setting up this event. It was lots of fun, and I learned a few things from it.

This! Thank you very much for the event!

My first experience in a fleet (and i apologize to my fellow Minmatars Fighters for being such a bad tackler) and a great experience about how things work.
Also checking the diferent ways the teams went about murdering each other was quite enlightening.

Question - when is the next one? :lol:

I have just one complain, you should have had a prize for the fastest exploding Capsuleer. I would have won that in an instant! :D (And there's a Tristan I need to murder).

Mike Kingswell



Post 2020.02.16 10:14

Re: [completed] Box tournament 15/02/2020 @20:00

Great fights and good fun!
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