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[CANCELLED] Low Sec Incursion Fleet - 11-13 January 2020

2020.01.10 EDIT: And once again, the lowsec fleets look shaky to run, and the new highsec focus is very close to the last, so these fleets will be cancelled and replaced with the regular highsec fleets with the highsec doctrine. Apologies again.


I copypasted last week's cancelled forms here.

The Incursion community is yet again with more low sec Vanguards scheduled!

The times will be as follows:

2020.01.11 1900 (subject to focus availability)
2020.01.12 0200
2020.01.12 1900
2020.01.13 0200

All fleets will have a travel fleet forming out of Amygnon one hour prior to the scheduled time. You can also meet up at the highsec meetup point (to be determined once the new focus is up) on your own. Like with previous fleets, we will be looking for 4 Augorors, 10 DPS, 1-2 boosters, and 1-2 scout/tackle in fleet.

Instead of fits in a forum post, we now have fits on the wiki! Given that this doctrine is actively being tweaked with each fleet, this will be in a sandbox page for now. ... did=149925 still featuring the double plate Augoror

Hope to see you at wherever Sansha Bob throws us! If we get thrown an exorbitant distance from Amy again though, and the highsec focus isn't too bad, we may have to call these off yet again.
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