[EVENT] L3 Missions for Garoun Investment bank - STOU

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Julien Alaphilippe


Student Advocate
Student Advocate

Post 2019.11.30 10:34

[EVENT] L3 Missions for Garoun Investment bank - STOU

hey Unistas

MONDAY 2nd Dec 19:00

Going go be running some level 3 missions at the Garoun Investment Bank Deposity in Stou

This will be a Kitchen Sink Shield fleet - Frigates and Destroyers of any race/faction.

Primary aim is twofold
1) Help get standing up with Garoun who have 2 L4 Agents in Amygnon
2) Introduce New Bros to basic Fleet mechanics

looking for someone to FC please - any new player registered with the FCC program is an ideal candiate :P

if we can get at least one other who can pick up level 3 missions even better.

This MAY be a regular event - it depends on demand. Ultimately running regular L4 is the aim.
It may well be that we might switch to running Fed Intell missions from time to time as L3 with Fed Intell opens up the Gurista Epic Arc.
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Nienke Solette


Campus Manager
Campus Manager

Post 2019.11.30 11:21

Re: [EVENT] L3 Missions for Garoun Investment bank - STOU

I might be able to FC again (and not be a dufus with the mission reward sharing)
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