Post 2019.11.08 10:42

[FLEET] Travel Fleet HSC>AMC 09/11/2019 @19:00

Wanting to participate in Shoot the Management? Or just want to go to AMC to place a jump clone? Then join this travel fleet!

Form up: 19:00 @ Citadel 101


I have plenty of various faction shuttles to give out, this is the ideal ship for this fleet but if you wish to travel in a fast firgate then you're welcome to do so. Same for anyone that will be flying the fit for the event over then please feel free to do so, just remember this will slow the fleet down.

I shall be asking for volunteers to scout ahead, perfect for first time scouts.

This is purely for safe travel no pew pew unfortunately.

LSC Manager, Orientation Officer, Titles Officer, TA, Ensign, Former Student Advocate, Former Mentor Manager

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