Post 2019.08.23 07:49

[Meetup] EveMeet, Portland, OR Sep 21st

Hey all I saw an add on Reddit and decided to try and see if some of us could get together!

CCP Rise has also stated he would be trying to attend as well, I would love to have a small contengent of Unistas to come on down!

The next Portland meet up is going to be Saturday, Sept 21st at 6PM. The meet up is at McMenamins Broadway Pub, Gladstone Room (we have a private room reserved.)

Be sure to join the discord channel for more information ... cement.jpg ... h=f3990720 ... and-meetup

I am looking to see if I can carpool myself if anyone from the PNW is thinking about taking a daytrip into wormhole space and is coming thru or by Tacoma.