Post 2019.08.23 02:31

[FLEET] Caldari Navy Standings Fleet

Clan Clough is hosting a weekly mission fleet on Sundays at 20:00 beginning this week.
This fleet is specific to trade alts and may be too much trouble to get up and running.
If you are interested in a standings grind but not a mission fleet, I understand this is a comprehensive post: ... 67#p909767
To be clear, this is a work in progress (in infancy).
My vision is simply a shield doctrine with logistics minimum ship size is cruiser. I have an alt that is a long way from on grid booster but intend such.
For the least trained trade alt I am asking an exploration frigate pilot with 4 in salvager and salvage drone letting MTU draw in wrecks.
Lastly (for now) I am hoping your trade alt is willing to train BLAP DD and BLAP logistics for Caldari cruiser and I hope for an on grid booster (my trade alt)
I will be bringing a BS with another alt ...
I intend on providing the ships and ask they be returned for the next cycle
If there are non trade alts I ask they leave fleet when missions get turned in (and rejoin)
note: this is the first time around and if you feel there is a time factor, please join fleet at 19:00 hours