[Complete] 2024-06-29 @ 21h00 - Lore Q&A

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[Complete] 2024-06-29 @ 21h00 - Lore Q&A

Post by JohnPlayerNotSpecial »


Date: 2024-06-29 @ 21h00 evetime.
Location: Uni Discord.
Duration: ~1h.

EVE Online has a vast amount of Lore, and i doubt even CCP knows it all ! There are official online stories, and books even. Do you want to read all of them ? Maybe, probably not at this point.

Alas, you are curious about certain story parts arent you ? (Yes otherwise you wouldnt have clicked on this forum post link)

Turns out there's a person who keeps replying to lore questions in our public #eve-lore discord channel. Is it correct ? Or wrong ? I cant tell, but certainly it's compelling !

But what's better than textchat ? Voice !

I'm inviting you to a "ask me anything" regarding EVE lore, with "Lauralite Anne Brezia". <= that's the discord person btw if it wasnt obvious.

It is not meant to be a readdown of https://universe.eveonline.com/lore but rather a Question & Answer about specific topics you might be curious about.

How does it work:
=> Be in *insertclasschannel* on discord on time.
=> Ask your question. Dont talk over ppl talking currently.
=> Hopefully get an answer.

It is biased: to quote
So... disclaimer mine, I'm an opinionated and biased lore source. I have my interpretations and they often clash with the opinions of other lore aficionados and RPers in the wider community, usually due to me thinking things can go further than others think makes a 'good story'.
=> Better than none in my book !

Righto, hopefully this peaked your interrest, see you then !

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