[COMPLETED] Abyssal Speedrun Competition!

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Re: [EVENT-Averon] Abyssal Speedrun Competition!

Post by Zeus0x00 »

Did two more runs tonight:) Both runs were T3 Electric in my Gila using my new Mutated Drones!
Run 1 - https://i.imgur.com/F0qAyA6.png - 7:48 - A slight improvement over my first time
Run 2 - https://i.imgur.com/FvQ3BcT.png - 9:11 - Got an overmind in the final room on this run
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Brandie Poundomax
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Re: [EVENT-Averon] Abyssal Speedrun Competition!

Post by Brandie Poundomax »

Entry: T1 Open
Fit: Stabber 8)
Weather: Electrical
Best Time: 4:12

T1 Open Abyss Run
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Re: [EVENT-Averon] Abyssal Speedrun Competition!

Post by Korr'Tanas »

Here are my entries, both of these were done with an Ishtar.

T1 open run time: 2:58

T3 open run time: 5:52
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Re: [EVENT-Averon] Abyssal Speedrun Competition!

Post by XAO47 »

T0 Flight deck Tristan: 5:04
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Turlough Dominian
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Re: [EVENT-Averon] Abyssal Speedrun Competition!

Post by Turlough Dominian »

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Chris Halsky
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Re: [COMPLETED] Abyssal Speedrun Competition!

Post by Chris Halsky »

Abyssal Speedrun Competition is over!

So many good entries - I really recommend checking forum link - in top message you can find leaderboard, where I also added links to recordings of top3 runs - check them out! (Special mention goes to @Amfion Bravais for his top-notch editing skills! 😁)

The results are:

T0, Starter fits category:
1. Brandie Poundomax - 4:05, Rifter
2. Turlough Dominian - 4:31, Kestrel
3. Onara Chaulet - 4:45, Punisher

Very close times! And Rifter on 1st place, which makes me super happy! T0 fits aren't too powerful, so it was refreshing for bitter vets to sit in T1 Frigate 😉 Still, so close times - I bet that with more grinding to get good rooms anyone would have a good chance 🙂

T1 Open Category:
1. Korr'Tanas, 2:58, Ishtar
2. Lucy Fair - 3:05, Retribution
3. Brandie Poundomax - 4:12, Stabber

Again, close race to 1st place, and 3 completely different ships on podium! Awesome! Ishtar is a well tested ship, Retribution is known blitzer, but @Brandie Poundomax took unusual ship to Abyss, and it paid off!

T3 Open:
1. Korr'Tanas, 5:52, Ishtar
2. Turlough Dominian, 6:32, Gila
3. Amfion Bravais, 6:35, Gila

T3 is where weird stuff does not work - so we got staple drone boats racing for the top! @Korr'Tanas takes deserved lead, but there was a fierce competition for second place between @Amfion Bravais and @Turlough Dominian - who says that Management does not undock? 😄
Hivaa Saitsuo!
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