[EVENT] Anger Games 6 Watch Party

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Drebin 679
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[EVENT] Anger Games 6 Watch Party

Post by Drebin 679 »

Anger Games 6 Watch Party
April 13, 14, & 20, 1645-1700 start time (and possibly more?)
EVE University Mumble - using an On Demand Channel
Emphasis on the Secondary Stream

For the first major tournament of the year, Dirk Stetille, Goonswarm Federation tournament team captain, and his team present the 6th edition of the Anger Games! For three weekends (April 13-28) , 51 teams will be competing in the tournament's unique 7v7 format, with this iteration featuring an updated points system and a shortened base timer with included overtime mechanics! The tournament will first have a group stage, followed by a second group stage dubbed the Redemption Arc, leading into a 16 team, double elimination tournament. Match winners will receive special SKINs, supplied by CCP, and also thanks to CCP is being hosted on the special tournament server Thunderdome. Given the excitement, and with some possibly familiar faces, I figured it'd be a great opportunity to host some casual watch parties for the tournament!

For more information about the tournament itself, check out these links:

Anger Games 6 Tournament - More Details! - eveonline.com

Rules (Google Doc)

Ship Points Table (Google Sheets)

Team Rosters (Google Sheets)

Brackets: Main, Redemption

Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 7IwIu6EwEo (Google Sheets)

Third-party analysis (and good general tournament info): EVE Tourneylytics (by Sho Menao)

Two Streams, One Cast

This instance of the tournament features more teams, and more matches. Every match will be streamed, but for the group stage, half of the group stage matches will be held on a secondary stream, without commentary. And that made me think: Well, if the tournament isn't providing commentary for those games, what if we tried doing it instead?

Now, I'm not going to pretend that I could hold a candle to the actual cast of the main stream, which includes many tournament players and casters with years of experience and an actual production crew. My tournament experience is zilch by comparison. But hey, the baseline for the second stream is literally nothing. So think our attention towards it could end up being a value add.

Unistas and Alumni Competing in Tournament

While the Uni is not known for its tournament pedigree (I don't think we've fielded an Alliance Tournament team in the past 14 years), many Unistas and alumni will be partaking in this tournament. Of particular note is Trash Tier Tryhards, a small alliance formed largely of Uni alumni, and whose roster is almost entirely Unistas and Uni alum.

Listed below are all tournament participants who have ever been in EVE University, ranging from as little as one day to over half a decade. Attached to some are notes primarily about notable medal awards and roles held during their time in the Uni. Given the size of this corp, both in membership and in timespan, I don't think any single person can do every person here justice for what roles or deeds they have done under this corp's banner. From my time here (2017-, esp. 2019-2020, AFK Nov. 2022 - Jan. 2024) and the roles I held (within Incursions and time spent with the Wiki and Teaching), I've tried to fill these in as best I can. But I know there is much I am missing; Many people that I am not doing justice to. So if other people are able to give the people listed below here better recognition of their services to the Uni, do reach out.
Character (Years in Uni) - Notes

Templis CALSF

Ackbad Pappotte (2013-2014)
Carson Dauber (2013-2015)
thelastsparton (2010-2011)

The Piglets (The Tuskers Co.)

Bazingamogus (2022-2024)
LaurenceCWinston (2019-2020, 2023) - CCI Medalist, Former Incursion Officer

Yamete Kudasai

Ara Moliko (2019)


Zarthol (2012)
Kintoki Kuroda (2013, 2015-2016)

Khizraeli Defense Forces (Boundary Experts)

Ekan Uisen (2021, for 14 days)

Module Clickers Anonymous

Severino Volcano (2014)


Grarr Dexx (2008, for 1 day)
Jeanne Hurt (2011-2012)

Trash Tier Tryhards

Zeeroak Ool (2021 (2021-2022 & 2023-2024 via alt)) - Order of Ivy League Medalist, Former FC Team Manager, Former Senior FC
Clarityz (2022-2024)
Archemide (2017, 2018–2021, 2023–2024) - Star of Valiant Duty Medalist, Senior FC, Former NSC Manager
Duke Bosch (2020–) - Star of Unity Medalist
Gideon Mastracci (2015-2016, 2020-2021 (2021-2022 & 2023- via alt)) - Buyback Manager, FC Team Officer, Senior FC
Void Delver (2022-)
Tomlin (2023-)
Tolerin Escipion (2017-2024) - Former Student Advocate
Teran Feynoir (2022-2023)
Shukken Tekitsu (2021-2024)
NeedsNames (2022-) - Mentor
Menelmir (2023-) - FC Team Officer, Reimbursement Officer
Francie (2023-2024)
JohnPlayerNotSpecial (2016-2019, 2020-)
Guarzo Opper (2019-2021, 2023-2024) - CCI Medalist
Alex EpicPotato (2023-)
Kirk en Hammett (2023-)


Larynx Austrene (2018)

Hangry Nabs

Allophyl (2009)


Eugate Maulerant (2020-2021)
Yrgrasil (2017-2018, 2019) - Took me and a few other unistas out smallganging in 2020 when it was hard to get PvP around here, and to which I am ever grateful to him for.
No Vacancies

BedDaBaws (2020-2021) - NoVac tournament team captain
Alecks Kautsuo (2019-2021) - Former Incursion Officer
Amoni Panala (2019-2020, 2023 (2023- via alt)) - Order of Ivy League Medalist, Star of Unity Medalist, CCI Medalist, Teacher
Xafen Katapi (2018)


Jezza McWaffle (2012, for 8 days)

E is for Emotional Damage (Pandemic Horde)

Fire3852 (2021-2023)
Salartarium (2021-2024) - CCI Medalist, Wiki Curator, Teacher

Neural Nexus

Saani Otoe (2015-2017, 2023)

Wokewater Boohooligans (Deepwater Hooligans)

Ambushing Shartress (2022, for 25 days)

Seriously Suspicious

Oskar Lin (2020, for 3 days)


Ban Pel Kaion (2011)
Part of the reason I am doing this is that all three of Trash Tier Tryhards' group stage matches are going to be on the secondary stream, with no tournament commentary. I want to fill that gap, give them the attention they deserve. Even if that means it will be with trash tier commentary, I want to try.

Honestly have no idea how this will pan out, but I'm happy to give this a shot. If you're interested in coming around and enjoying some tournament games, feel free to pay the party a visit! If this turns out to be popular, we can see about extending this into the main stream only days, though probably not trying to compete with the pros and the actual commentators.
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Zeeroak Ool
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Re: [EVENT] Anger Games 6 Watch Party

Post by Zeeroak Ool »

Awesome, TY!
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Laura Karpinski
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Re: [EVENT] Anger Games 6 Watch Party

Post by Laura Karpinski »

This is ace 😍
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Drebin 679
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Re: [EVENT] Anger Games 6 Watch Party

Post by Drebin 679 »

So, the first day was a blast!

Granted, the party was largely a... solitary one, but some people did check in to watch the games, which was cool!

Contrary to the CCP news post that stated that the secondary stream would be "without commentary", the Anger Games team decided to have some casters run a "caster's couch" sort of setup on the secondary stream, with casual commentary of the matches played there. So even though I didn't really have anyone to give commentary to, the actual casters were doing it anyways, so that concern was alleviated.

In terms of how teams with notable Unista and alumni representation fared... NoVac's kite comp was countered by a tanky Paladin/Deacon/Nergal setup from RamRod Redux. They were still able to keep it close, but they did end up losing in overtime. TTT with an Angel rush setup were able to collapse on Arrival's Scimitar and kill it before they lost theirs, which was a really hype moment when I was watching it. But then they got kited out by a bunch of Orthruses, which felt tragic. Still though, they were able to get some punches in and show some life against the top seed team in their group, which was quite fun to see! I look forward to seeing how they do against the other two teams in their group. I think they can get a win in.

The fun and festivities continue at 1700 tomorrow. Hope to see you there!
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