[Q&A] Orientation Talks - Sunday March 19 2023, 20:00 EVE time

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[Q&A] Orientation Talks - Sunday March 19 2023, 20:00 EVE time

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Orientation Talks are recurring events hosted by your Orientation Department. This is an opportunity for new and returning players to ask questions of and discuss with Orientation Officers in a casual and open-ended information session. No agenda; just a roundtable discussion. Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and join us with your questions! What doesn't make sense? How do you do this? We're here to help.

When: Sunday March 19 2023, 20:00 EVE Time
Where: Mumble (audio) & Discord (video)
Duration: About 1.5hr, depending on the number of questions

Topics might include:
  • Getting started: Setting up Discord, Mumble, in-game chats and the overview, etc.
  • Getting involved with the Uni: Standing fleets, joining a class or an event, joining a community, etc.
  • Programs and services: Skillbooks, buyback, mentors, +3 implants, hauling, etc.
  • Anything really: Whatever questions you might have because the topics are up to you

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