[EVENT] Low-sec Mining Shared Can, 18 September, 21:00

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[EVENT] Low-sec Mining Shared Can, 18 September, 21:00

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These are the 'roids you're looking for...

What - We'll go mine the lucrative ochre and crokite anomalies in low-sec space around LSC.
When - Saturday, 18 September 2021 - 21:00
Where - Form-up at Eugales - The Flying Dutchman

Doctrine - Bog-standard ships for ore mining, shuttle or fast frigate for initial scouting. Absolutely only bring to this fleet something you're willing to put at risk. We'll do our best to keep everyone safe, but it's low-sec, after all!
Comms - LSC Coffee House on Mumble

Additional Notes:
  • Travel fleet for entry into low-sec: Meet up at Stacmon V - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant at 20:45 and be on comms if you would like to bring in a ship from AMC or HSC. T1 Ventures and scout ships available on the flight deck, if you don't yet have your own at LSC.
  • We'll spread out into the low-sec systems around LSC to scout for the available anomalies, then prepare a few tactical bookmarks for the sites we intend to run.
  • Depending on numbers, we'll either do this as shared-can or bring-your-own-can. If we're doing shared-can, proceeds will be pooled among all participants based on time spent mining, as is customary.
  • Let me know if you plan on bringing a Higgs anchor fitted ship.
  • Special roles to be filled: 2 pickets (ideally in cloaky ships; can be alts, if you're willing to multibox), booster, hauler. Loaner Miasmos available for hauler. Get in touch if you're able to fill one of these roles. Mucho love!
  • There is no QRF component to this fleet planned at this point. We'll see on the day whether we want to have some PvP ships on standby.
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