[EVENT] AMC Moon Mining Shared Can

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[EVENT] AMC Moon Mining Shared Can

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Date: Friday April 23rd, 17:00 EVE time (Friday April 23rd 1:00 PM EST)
Location: Junsoraert - Happy Bottom Riding Club (4 Jumps from Averon)
Duration: 3 hours
Comms: AMC Alpha in Mumble
Ship Doctrine: Any mining ship. There will be a limited number of T1 Ventures and T1 Procurers available for loan.
Fleet: AMC Moon Mining
FC: Byron Thani
Ore: This is the inaugural moon pop for this brand new Athanor. It is a 17 day pull, so we expect about 8,000,000 m3 of ore to be available. This moon will produce all four R4 ore types (Coesite, Bitumes, Sylvite, Zeolite). The only crystal you will need (if you use crystals) is the Ubiquitous Moon Ore Mining Crystal.

Boosters: [Please contact me if you would like to boost]
Haulers: We will be hauling to the station on grid, therefore I will ask the Orca pilots to haul.

What is a shared can? A shared can mining event is a mining fleet that works together to mine, boost, and haul. Working together is more productive than working individually, so the overall outcome is more profitable. All ore that is mined is consolidated and sold to the AMC buyback service. Once sold (usually within 48 hours), payments are distributed to the members of the mining fleet based on their participation time. Since you are paid for your time (and not based on the ship you use), this can be a very profitable event for pilots who may not yet have the skills or ships to mine efficiently.

The mechanics of how to participate in the fleet will be explained by the fleet commander before the event in the AMC Alpha Mumble channel (it's pretty easy, actually). If you show up late, be sure to type "LASERS ON xx:yy" in fleet chat indicating the time you started mining so you can get paid accurately.

History: The Happy Bottom Riding Club was a famous (notorious) hangout for test pilots and military personnel located outside Edwards Airforce Base in California. It was owned by Pancho Barnes, a daring female test pilot that overcame great odds and set numerous flight records throughout her life. The club was made famous in the Tom Wolfe novel "The Right Stuff" and was later depicted in the move adaptation (with Chuck Yeager making a cameo in the scene!). Chuck Yeager later said "if all the hours were ever totaled, I reckon I spent more time at her place than in a cockpit over those years."
I ordered the Code Red.
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