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Story - How my brother made first Billion in EVE

PostPosted: 2017.02.17 09:40
by Alphonzo Nomenarco
I want to share – at least to me – funny but true story, how my brother made his first billion in EVE. It wont be story of glorious deaths, sacrifices, investment or stuff. Rather story of enthusiastic newbro at start of his days.

Some time ago, my brother finaly get Gallente battlecruiser skill to level 1, and since he likes gallente ship models the most of all races, and - same as many people - was fascinated with large guns which can be fitted to Talos, it was natural choice to sell all of his possessions to get barely enough ISK for buying Talos with T1 hybrid rails 425mm.

However, having ship in Jita IV station isn’t as good as taking this beauty out to space, and see by own eyes those awesome guns shooting hybrid antimatter ammo around to bad guys (or good guys... well anything will do, just let me shoot it), and having all eight instruments of destruction under your command and waiting until you press the ‘button’.
However he was educated enough by that point, that he wont do much in L1 mission with this, so only choice to see guns raining fire, was to attack something he can hit and that doesnt shoot you back to death, dont bring Concord on you, and that stuff.

Glorious or not, he chose to shoot an asteriod in mining belt. He picked first belt in overview and warped at 50 km. First big asteroid successfuly locked on, and suddenly the moment when guns bringing down doom on this innocent piece of rock... I wont describe his feeling which followed, because I dont really asked (however I can say that he returned to droneboats and sticked with them till these days).

Important was what happened around him, because he wasnt alone on this belt. There were few innocent miners making their ISK, enjoying coffee and chilling after hard day at work without being yelled on by boss, beaten by wife, bitten by kids etc. And here comes definitely mad capsuler in Talos and shooting first warning volley at asteriod! Definitely bad day for them and peace nowhere to be found (not even 0,9 security space...). While he enjoyed watching railguns at maximum zoom, every miner reconsidered “Fly only what you can afford to loose” on the way back to the closest station. By the time brother had enough of watching rails animations and belt was empty of miners which most likely called it a day (i dont like to think that they turned off game and returned to real life with bosses, wifes and kids, but who knows). Again, can’t say if my brother noticed them at first when he came in, but what he did noticed after he enjoyed a view, was forgotten drones around. He is this type of guy who dont like money laying around so he slowboated 50km without AB/MWD to poor forgotten drones and offered them warm new home in his cargo. It doesnt matter to him if it is 3000 ISK worth Hobgoblin or Acolyte. No drone deserve to be alone in space right?

When he picked two abadonned drones and came back to Jita IV station, he took a second look on them and realized those are Harvester Mining drones worth around 450 millions each. Later on, he gave one as gift to his she-friend and second is still enjoying warm home in Jita huge and warm station container dedicated only to drones, where is taken the best care of 'him'.

Sorry for my english and typos.

PS: if you want to give your old unused drones best care possible, I can ask my brother. Its like real silicon-heaven for them, like Drone Campus, with neverending income of nanite paste so they have all the time something tasty to chew on.

Re: Story - How my brother made first Billion in EVE

PostPosted: 2017.02.17 12:49
by BobbyRush
I love this story. I always leave my drones behind :)

Re: Story - How my brother made first Billion in EVE

PostPosted: 2017.02.17 17:48
by Marius Labo
Great story ;)

Re: Story - How my brother made first Billion in EVE

PostPosted: 2017.02.19 18:04
by Turhan Bey
I'm less surprised that someone left them behind, than by the fact that someone was using them in the first place. 8)